A businessman and entrepreneur, Col. Gruber established and is actively involved in “Chesed in the Field,” a non-profit organization that brings together IDF reservists and the chronically ill or disabled for special events throughout the year that educate and inspire everyone involved (chesed is Hebrew for “kindness”). “Chesed in the Field” instills the values of community and social responsibility in the hearts of thousands of soldiers, and provides a sense of belonging for those members of society who are usually left on the outside looking in.

Col. Gruber is also a highly regarded motivational speaker, and his lecturers on leadership (available in Hebrew and English) are requested by sectors of Israeli society ranging from military academies to teaching programs to major business corporations.

If you are interested in inviting Col. Gruber to speak in your community or would like more information about his lectures, please visit www.bentzigruber.com or contact Robin Moskow at bentzi.gruber@gmail.com.

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